Our Mission

“We believe success is built within an individual’s untapped potential.”

We are here to help

At Genus Services, we believe a strong team effort and meaningful relationships are the keys in moving individuals facing mental illness toward a healthier and more productive life. We understand that mental illness can impact more than the individual. Family, friends and community members oftentimes take on additional responsibilities and are called on to help a loved one throughout life or for a temporary period. You can rest assured that the friendly and compassionate Genus Services team is there to lean on for guidance to navigate through challenging times.

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Reaching Goals Utilizing Transparent Communication

Genus Services provides a transparent environment where residents, staff and support systems communicate openly about goals and expectations. We firmly believe in a supportive network that works toward a more independent lifestyle is the key to helping residents live full and healthy lives.

Tailored Levels of Support

Genus Services was built with a foundation of compassion and places a heavy focus on individualized treatment. We understand that treatment is not a one size fits all plan, so we have numerous programs that we tailor to each individual. Our ultimate goal is to offer support to individuals to help them heal and lead the happiest and healthiest lives possible.