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Specializing in Mental Illness and Traumatic Brain Injuries, Genus Services offers community residential support and mental health facilities as a step toward a healthier and more independent life. This service combines mental health care and Crisis Stabilization in an inpatient, 24-hour staffed facility.

Our team works with residents with a wide range of needs, including crisis stabilization as well as transitional and long-term care. We have a strong understanding of mental health, brain injury and healthcare management, and our staff is on-site and available to residents 24 hours a day.

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Why Residential Treatment Facilities Are So Effective for People with Mental Illness

Why Residential Treatment Facilities Are So Effective for People with Mental Illness

Mental health residential facilities are licensed to provide individuals struggling with mental health issues with a safe, nurturing environment and a higher level of care to focus on their mental health recovery. Residential mental health facilities offer comprehensive, tailored support from an individualized treatment program or plan and personalized therapeutic services to crisis management and life skills training. In addition, these settings foster connection and community, allowing clients to benefit from the holistic healing experience alongside others with similar conditions.

Though serious mental illness is a difficult journey for any individual facing circumstances associated with mental imbalances, mental health services can help make the path smoother by providing the necessary resources for feeling and functioning at one's best.


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