Our Story

Owners Kevin Guillory and Jeff Johnson officially founded Genus Services, formerly Everyday Living in 2010. However, the inspiration developed over many years prior to that while Jeff and Kevin worked in Adult Foster Care (AFC) settings. They both developed a passion for helping people make progress in their lives, including moving out of group homes to more independent settings. During their experience in these facilities, they saw a need for a program to help support people after they moved on from AFC, and that is how the Genus Services dream began to take form.

Formerly called Everyday Living, Genus Services opened its first Adult Foster Care home in March 2010 and since has grown to more than 20 properties ranging in size and service provided. Genus Services started a Supportive Housing program in 2011 and began offering Independent Living Skills (ILS) and 24-hour emergency services to its residents and in community settings. In addition, Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) began being offered in 2014 and Customized Living in 2015.

A New Chapter

In 2021, Everyday Living rebranded to Genus Services to update their image and better reflect their restructured service offerings. Genus now serves people all throughout the Twin Cities and in the St. Cloud area. They now have 11 group home properties and 9 apartment buildings available to their residents.