Our experienced team of leaders has an extensive background specializing in mental health and brain injury recovery. Having first-hand experience in the field, our team is a trusted resource for residents, employees, and families as they navigate through the challenges associated with treatment and healing.

Nick Cheney

Program Director


Nick’s official role: supervising our site supervisors. Since that title doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, we call him the Metro Area Personnel Manager. He is responsible for overseeing — and collaborating with — the leaders of all of EDL’s programs in the area. That job has Nick wearing many hats, because he has to know the ins and outs of each of our diverse programs. Nick could also be classified as a Professional Listener. He’s our ear on the ground, learning what’s happening throughout EDL and what we can do to make our programs even better.

Nick came to EDL with more than 10 years of experience in the field. He attended the University of Minnesota — Duluth and joined EDL in 2011.

Nick Cheney

Amanda Finley

Services Director / Designated Coordinator


Amanda is responsible for ensuring that EDL’s services are high quality. She’s also tasked with growing and developing those services, addressing concerns and being a resource for program supervisors.

As if that job description isn’t already enough to keep Amanda on her toes, she’s known as the first person to raise her hand when the team needs extra help. Her work ethic stems from a passion for helping the people she serves. She herself has faced more than her share of challenges in life — and worked hard to overcome them — and she says that helps her relate to residents.

Amanda holds an associate’s degree in visual communication and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She joined EDL in December of 2011.

Nick Cheney

Curt Johnson

Human Resources Director / Designated Manager


Curt is a big part of why the EDL team is more like a family. He’s responsible for recruiting, hiring and training new employees — and he has a stellar eye for finding outstanding people who really care about their work.

Curt has a professional background in IT, but found his true calling at EDL. He says working for EDL is the first time his job hasn’t felt like a job. He’s passionate about hearing people’s stories and watching them grow and succeed. And it shows.

Curt holds a degree from St. Cloud State University, and he joined EDL as soon as we opened our doors in 2010.

Nick Cheney

Tabitha Nystuen

Central Regional Director


Tabitha Nystuen is responsible for assessing and placing residents, ensuring the EDL sites are properly maintained, providing leadership and training to employees, and overseeing operations of all sites within the St. Cloud area. Tabitha has been a loyal employee of EDL since 2011 and has proven her abilities time and again with her excellent work ethic and grit.

The motivating factor for Tabitha and the reason she has stayed in the mental health field since 2007 is that she loves to watch individuals grow through challenges. She enjoys seeing the clients succeed and become more independent.

Nick Cheney