Finding the right support can be overwhelming.

GenusMN is here to assist is making the transition as stress free as possible.

EDL works with families and social workers dealing with mental illness, brain injuries and addiction challenges. We believe a strong team effort and meaningful relationships are the keys in moving toward a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

We provide a structured program in an environment where residents, staff and family communicate openly about goals and the expectations involved in achieving them. Our services are not intended to be a final solution, but a step on the way to a healthier, independent lifestyle.

With our support, the people we work with experience significant improvement and possess the self-confidence, self-reliance and support network necessary to live independently.

No matter where you are in the process, National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Hope for Recovery Resource Guide can serve as a great place to begin. To to get more in-depth information about both state and county benefits, we recommend a call to the county in which you reside. You can easily reference a listing of acounty agencies across the state of Minnesota by clicking here.

If you’re looking for additional information on mental illness or other ways to connect, here are a few great places to start: